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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long in advance should I start wedding dress shopping ?
    Dresses take 5/6 months to be made so at least 12 months in advance is advisable. We have dresses available to buy off the rail and in Some Cases our designers can carry Some Stock which can be delivered in a couple of weeks.
  • Do I need to make an appointment ?
    Yes you need to make an appointment as we are by appointment only. This is to insure you have privacy at your appointment.
  • What should I bring to an appointment ?
    If there are any accessories or shoes you wish to see with your dress bring them or if you plan to wear specialised underwear bring it with you.
  • How many people should I bring with me ?
    The Bnde and two others are reccomended. Anymore and you tend to have too many opinions and can become overwhelmed. We want you to enjoy your experience rather than being stressed and confused.
  • Do you sell sample styles off the Rail ?
    Yes we sell off the rail in some cases new dresses and sample dresses at reduced prices. We make sure any missing beads, buttons are replaced if needed and we clean them before they leave us.
  • What is your size range ?
    Our size range is from 6-36. In store our average size is 12-16, 18-26. We carry an Irish designer specialising in size 18 plus.
  • Do you offer Alterations ?
    We offer in house alterations at an extra cost. With full custom make option in house as well.
  • Will you store my gown for me ?
    Yes we will store the gowns as first fittings do not take place until 4/5 weeks before the wedding.
  • How far in advance should I purchase my gown ?
    You should have your dress at least two months before the wedding as to eleviate shress everyoe is different. This would be 7/8 months at least 10/12 months cdeal before wedding. This avoids need for rush art fees. Its never too early "When you know, you know".
  • Can I take photos of dresses in store ?
    Due to copyright taking pictures of the gowns we would prefer not to. Once you have purched your gown you are more than welcome to have picures taken of your gown.
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