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What makes us unique as a business is not only do we sell a range of designer dresses from
other designers we also design and make in house, from start to finish your consultations
and fittings are done with Sharon, we provide a full alteration service so you have the convience
of a one stop shop.


Sharon a qualified Fashion Designer, whom in her college years, was a Finalist in the "Satzenbrau Partywear Awards" and a Finalist in the "Smirnoff Awards". She was "Student of the Year" in her first year of college and "Designer of the Year" in her second year. In 2012, Sharon was awarded "Cork Designer of the Year" in Kinsale, Co. Cork, 2019 "Hi Style Designer of the Year".

We offer a wide range of designers gowns such Ronald Joyce and Art Couture, Special Day our styles vary from classic to contemporary, and we have a dress that suits every style and budget. However, if a bride wants a truly unique dress, we offer a design session where we create her perfect wedding gown. Apart from selling fabulous wedding gowns we also offer
bridesmaid dresses and we create inhouse communion dresses. As we are an inhouse brand we also do alterations for customers and we have created some exquisite millinery pieces.

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